Water Iris Gardens

                                Home of the National Collection of

                                    Iris Louisiana (sp & hybrids )

               Water irises  (laevigata,pseudacorus,versicolor,virginica)

                                      Caltha  (Marsh Marigolds)

             specialist growers of rare moisture loving and aquatic plants

                                       and hardy Carnivorous plants    


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National collection of

Water irises  (sp,cvs,hybrids)


NC of Water Irises


The NC of water Irises, consist of Species and cultivars and hybrids of  

Iris Pseudacorus (yellow flag), Iris laevigata (Japanese water iris),

Iris versicolor & Iris Virginica (the American blue flag Irises).

The water Iris collection includes the famous Rowden Irises developed by John and Galen Carter

Of Rowden Gardens from Tavistock in Devon alongside some of the newer cultivars from the U.S.A and Europe, we are also working on our own hybridising program and hope to release some new irises in the near future.  

The aim of the collection is to conserve many of the cultivars grown and to try to develop new cultivars for the water gardener.


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