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                                    Iris Louisiana (sp & hybrids )

               Water irises  (laevigata,pseudacorus,versicolor,virginica)

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                                       and hardy Carnivorous plants    


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   National collection of

Iris Louisiana (sp & hybrids

 Louisana Iris Collection

These Irises originate from the swamps of Louisiana and surrounding areas and have five recognised species, iris brevicaulis, Iris fulva, Iris giganticurulea, Iris nelsonii, Iris hexagona.

The area where these Irises were first collected was known as iris heaven due the amazing number of naturally occurring hybrids growing side by side with dazzling colours.

Louisiana Irises are unique in having the largest collection of naturally occurring hybrids in the iris world, the early collectors braved Alligator and snake infested swamps to bring these wonderful plants into cultivation.    

Louisiana Iris are a wonderfully underrated Iris offering growers the same vigour found in our native yellow flag Iris but  with the stunning range of  colours found in the bearded Irises. With some making excellent pond plants, while others do well in moist conditions all require good feeding and watering to flower well.

And will reward growers with huge blooms in late June and early July

The collection is home to the largest collection of Louisiana irises in the UK & Europe.

And includes many plants not commercially available.

The aim of the Collection is to show growers the range of wonderful hybrids available to them, both old and new and the species which were the building blocks of today’s modern hybrids with their huge blooms.






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