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               Water irises  (laevigata,pseudacorus,versicolor,virginica)

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             specialist growers of rare moisture loving and aquatic plants

                                       and hardy Carnivorous plants    


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Hardy Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous Plants can make a great addition to the water/bog garden.

A range of interesting Carnivorous plants grow in temperate regions and some are even native to the UK, from tiny Drosera (sundews) to tall

Sarracenia (pitcher plants) which come in a range of sizes and colours

And even the amazing Venus flytrap

They can be grown as bog plants or as pond marginal providing conditions are right

They are not only decorative but help control unwanted pests.

We offer a range of Hardy Carnivorous plants propagated from our collection of plants grown here.

So can best advise our customers on the right plants for your situation?




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